Gular Mustafa

Gular Mustafa is a visual artist, contemporary jewelry maker and object designer.

The objects she creates have human scale and are very often not defined by traditional typologies of jewelry. Gular defines art jewelry as an object of life. Her work is an invitation for others to discover their own possibilities, to find ways for the object to converse with the body. A lot of people consider jewellery as just a decoration worn onto the exterior. However, it can be considered as a question or topic derived from ones own imagination, and/or political ideas of our current conditions such as the existing issues of life, nature, death, the good and the evil and the positive and the negative.

Since 1995 her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the Netherlands, Europe, Middle East, South America and Canada. Her work has also been published in a number of contemporary art books, magazines and newspapers. She currently resides and is working in Canada.