Material : Latex, wool, aluminum, pigment
200 x20 cm
Name of the photographer: Erfan Hashempour

when the river burned
The big cities were known since ancient times because of their rivers, which are considered as their veins. Usually these rivers are decorated with the reflection of the city lights by adding another charming beauty as a scarf shining in the time of sunset and nightlife.

But what happened to one of the Mesopotamian Rivers, The Tigris River immortal arter of Baghdad Permanent became like a scarf ! But of fire and blackness! Burning the river and lights the city!

The Scene of fire, which happened to the Tigris River due to an explosion in one of the black oil piping at the hands of the enemies of life and humanity, made me wish that the Tigris River is lit through Baghdad lights not through its fire, because it doesn’t deserve that at all!