Rebuilding comes with the responsibility of the disclosure of both psychological and sensory components which are necessary to dismantle current conditions of a site of space.

Current conditions include the existing issues of life, nature, death, demolition and construction, the good and the evil and the positive and the negative. It is crucial that existing conditions are studied in order to be able to re-represent and manifest a reconstruction of new social beliefs in a new radical way.

In order to rebuild, a space or structure would have gone through certain stages through time. It includes an initial construction and a start of the beginning of the life of this structural being. Through time and due to political, natural, human and in explainable events this object enters a stage of deconstruction. A moment in time and a chapter which takes away, weakens or ruins this structure. A third chapter is the reconstruction. It is a stage where manners to conserve, preserve and regrow the very initial intent of when the structure was first born in the time of construction.
This continuous timeline, and life of movements, growth, falter and development art is present. Art saves us from narrow conditions and open us to a world condensed with creativity, a place wider than expected.

Gular M