Shifting Perspectives 2019

I am planning to document and commemorate all that has been lost in the human world by important cultural features caused by brutal wars and violence over the last years. Through attempts to build forms that have long settled in my imagination after the destruction and loss.

I am always interested and explore social and political concepts of the 21st century such as the transformation of developing cities and urban landscapes. Geometric and architectural forms act as references to the urban environment, I also work with the ideas of disintegration, deconstruction and rebuilding.

I’m always experiment explore and find new techniques for my work this will be accomplished by adding a new material that is sensitive, transparent, flexible and full of contrasts . working with glass that is characterized by exciting features in both solid and liquid conditions. Glass carries great opacity, charm and obedience to interact with all the metals that I am working with. The works that i aspire to be implemented are inspired by those monuments built by humans across all the ages. This work will reflect upside down towers, boats floating in space ,or parts of buildings that are incomplete or have been destroyed..