Brooch: protection sign, 2010, 13x15x5 cm. Silver, coral, polymer clay, orange peel, blue beads, ink. This piece of jewellery has been a nominee in New Traditional Jewellery, Sieraad Art Fair, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Necklace: Save the memory, 2010. Silver, coral, rose kwartaal, textile, polymer clay, copper, ink. 45×12 cm.
Long time ago human beings from Mesopotamia, were trying to find a way to avoid from envy and its drawbacks, and the expulsion of the evil eye. They were looking for forms or things to protect them from the eye and brings them luck.

They thought that the blue colour is the thing that saves the man from envy and evil away, this was a legacy continued through generations, from the Babylonian era and to present day. Since the days of the Babylonians, the blue colour became very close in people’s lives and income within the norms and traditions and the sacred task they have, where the colour blue represents the colour of their immortal rivers, marshes and sky, and so they invented a circular form from the mud with a seven holes painted blue to prevents the envy, they believe that the soul the evil or the radiation emitted from the eye envious when distracted or divided into seven parts, it loses its effect over evil when faced with that form which is called: the seven eyes, This was a popular figure in Iraq until the last two decades of the twentieth century.

previously the mothers were placed a blue beads on the issuance of their children for fear of envy. The woman used aslo the blue color in tattoos for the same purpose, but limited to a few of those who believe it.

The blue color was used and is still used by the Iraqis in the holy places and the task, where the domes of mosques and the famous art monument.